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Jul. 18th, 2004 @ 07:30 pm DCI
DCI was truly a vintage affair.

Without further ado, the David Borenstein Drum Corps Power Rankings:

1. Cavaliers- Holllly shit they were awesome. Highly Entertaining show, clean like a negro, and they sounded great. They were the crowd favorite for sure.

2. Blue Devils- Not as cool of a show as last year, but they were good as always. Had lunch with a few of them at Downtown disney. I liked Madison scouts better really, but i give this spot to B.D.because the people in it are so damn cool. this show did however redefine the screaming trumpet.

3. Madison Scouts- They were pretty good and then the closer came around and we were all like "TRUUUUU". Another kick ass screaming trumpet trio this year. Got us all going.

4. Santa Clara Vanguard- Our show. Twas cool. It was probably more entertaining for the douglas kids as it was other people though. Nothing that really stands out i suppose to anyone else. Sounded great. Escpecially in the clinic when they were doing warm ups.

5. Phantom Regiment- Not nearly as cool as last year, but still pretty pimp. Pulled off a latin/classical show pretty nicely. Liked the opener the best.

6. Cadets- Baton Twirler was pretty pimp, until he messed it up and chucked the baton accross the field by mistake. Probably would have been higher in the rankings here if he hit someone. Really clean and they sounded good but i really didnt like the show that much.

7. Glassmen- I really liked these guys. Thought they had an entertaining show, the thing with the cloaks and the guard was really cool. Yeah.

8. Magic Of Orlando- Dirty, sounded ok, and Michelle Kolcz is in it, but they still managed to give us a pretty entertaining show.

9. Carolina Crown- Props here for the singing thing that was totally new, inovative and kinda cool. Couldnt here it from where i was sitting all that well though.

10. Boston Crusaders- Put them on the list because i couldnt just leave them out, but i really didnt like their show. It was totally lame. The music was horrible. Visually they were good though. I heard their little sound system with the narraration blew out beforehand though, so maybe it would have made more sense to me if that was there.

All in all, a good trip and it was great seeing these great corps.

Peace season,
the artists formerly known as wilson and Borenshire.
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