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10m, 7-11, adventure, al cohn, ambigiously gay swags, autumn, band trips, bandages for pimps, baritone, bashing stupid people, bela fleck, biking, black, blacklight, bleeh, books, brick city, building little forts, burning cd's, calvin and hobbes, camoflauge, cars, cartoons, cheese, chill seasons, chinatown, classyness, clear nights, colleges, comedy central, comics, comment whores, computers, conventional wisdom, coral springs, covert ops, dave chappelle, dci, diversions, doing stuff, drawing, driving, drum corps, dvds, early morning, everything else, family guy, feudal japan, fire, food, forests, foxtrot, freedom, friday, friends, fun, funny comments, gallavanting, garbage pail kids, going places, good times, guitar riffs, handshakes, hanging out, hey arnold, high school football games, jammage, jazz, jokes, kafka, keeping it in general, keeping it real, keeping it vintage, keeping it wise, late night, laughing, leno, listening, mad magazine, marching band, midnight, mixtapes, movies, mp3s, music, my cd player, new york city, ninjas, north jersey, observation, osmosis, paintball guns, parties, pirate jokes, pirates, pissing off drama queens, placebos, popeyes, procrastination, ps2, punk'd, puns, rain, random movie quotes, random stuff, ransom notes, reading, rex richardson, rimshots, riots, road trips, rollercoasters, running with scissors, s.w.a.t, samurai, sayings, scars, shoe boxes, skipping rocks, sleeping in, snow skiing, snowdays, space, spiderman, stand-up, stealth, stoneman douglas, summer, sunrises, swimming, tactical, takin' it easy, talking like a pirate, the bird, the bronx, the caribbean, the far side, the pollak estate, unconventional wisdom, video games, vintage saxaphones, vintageness, walking around downtown, walking in the park, weirdness, wiseness, women